Saturday, 19 December 2009

been a long time

Hi all,
been a long time since I've blogged, well things where going pretty good I was out of hospital and stable managed to get to the Jonas brothers concert and meet them!! Also just spending time with the family and the usual stuff you learn to appreciate so much! I also won a bravehearts award!!
however since last week things took a down turn, and I ended up needing to go to A+E my normla ward I have open acces to was full so they informed A+E at the local hosiptal I was on my way and to have resus ready. I went in was seen staright away and settled overnight on my Bipap with 15l of oxygen I was managing on that untill midnight the next night where my O2 sats just didn't want to behave. So ITU it was where i went and stayed for a few days to be kept on eye on and was put on more poweful bipap machine called vision. before I went to ITU earlier that day I saw my consultant who was concerned and said he would get my transplant assesment sorted asap but freeman hospital had no beds so It was just a case of waiting for a bed. I am out of ITU know and back on the ward still not my regular but it is better than ITU I am slowly improving and having short periods off my bipap. my 3 day transplant assesment is all booked for monday hopefully there will be a bed. The transplant consultant came to see me briefly and said he would like to have good proper chat about transplant straight after the new year with me and my mum and consultant in clinic. I am hoping that after my asssesmnt I should be able to go home and atleast have christmas at home even if it means i am still using my biapa for most fo the day, It is something I feel I can ween at home.
Christmas shopping and buying presents for my sister has been put on hold, But i would like to thank postpals very much as my sisters and myself have recieved lots of lovely cards and gifts. It lovley of postpals to count siblings as they feel left out alot and obliged to to act grown up and sensible but after all they are just children.
well that is all for now hopefully I will update again soon!
Ayesha xx
P.S I have also made some very special friends recently, You know who you are xxxxxx

Also a great congrats to rachy for making onto the transplant list!!
The best present for some one at christmas would be for the phone to ring saying a match has been found! why not let something postive come out of death and pass your life onto some one else. give the gift of life and sign the organ donation register.

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