Sunday, 18 October 2009

shortest hospital stay ever

well all my sister have had bug and i think I got it but beacuse of me being on chemo and having a low immune system means if i have temperature it can turn nasty very quick. so I was vomiting non stop all since i woke up on friday morning and felt terrible. Mum rang up the GP as i dint want to go to hospital he came home first time i've actually seen my GP its usually hospital!! anyway my temperature was 39.4 when he came so he said was best go into hospital espically as i was vomiting so much. so i went in wasn't ablt to keep any Paracetmol down so had some Iv was tested for swine flu but it unlikley i have it still wiating results started on tamiflu had chest xray and started on sum Iv antibiotics as the doctor said lokked like I had a bad infection. the nest morning i was fine tempertaure had settled kept some water and my tablets down the resoiratory consultant came who i know well and he said my xray looked fine for me better than it lokked when ive been sick with my chest the other doctor must not have know my history. so i cam home that afternoon I was in for 24 hours only hehe. still felling a bit run down but apart from that I'm fine.
oh and I passed my theory test on thursday!!!

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  1. Hello I just found your blog via Postpals. I do a blog too. My name is Louise..Im 34 (old). I also have lung problems so know how difficult it can be. I use a machine at night to help me breathe. I hope you are feeling ok at the moment. I will keep reading so keep writing xx