Monday, 28 September 2009


well today was my 1st clinic appointment after going to GOS my lung function was the same as the usual 15-20% when im well. we talked about me moving into adult care and what the transplant doc her at freeman, newcastke had said my consultant had breifly bumped into him in the corridoor and he said he had recieved the reports, but he didnt think he had read through them thoroughly one of his main concerns was my biospy from 2008 suggested aspiration which has been ruled out but a common cause of rejection post transplant is aspiration especially when your under sedation and this will be a huge risk factor if i do aspirate or silently aspirate due to reflux. so he wanted an Ph impendance test to make sure I not getiing bad reflux and aspirating. But my consultant said he write to him for his formal view and a list of anything else he wanted doing and wether he wanted to see me yet.
so things are moving slowly forward!!

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