Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ayesha Needs Some Positive Thoughts

Hi Everyone.

It's Robbie. I just wanted to update you all on how Ayesha is doing at the moment.

She was taken into hospital on the 23rd of January. She woke up with a temperature of 40 and she hadn't been able to stop vomiting.

She was given Paracetamol, Fluids and she was put on Gentamycin and Ceftazidime. Ayesha is certain that is is not her chest as her SATs and breathing are normal. She thinks it might be a stomach bug.

Her main concern is being able to go to Britain's Got Talent, Please send her positive thoughts and prayers. She really doesn't want to miss BGT.

Today she is still waiting for bloods to come back but she is certain it is not her chest. I will inform you all of any test results ASAP.

Her temperature keeps shooting up after 4 hours post paracetamol. She is still vomiting non stop and she has not managed to eat or drink in the past two days as she cannot stop vomiting. She was given Ondansetron which has had no effect. She was then given Cyclizine IV and that has seems to be having some affect but she is getting blury vision as a result.

Her Cannula has now became unusable, this cannula took 3 attempts to get in and was accessed in the back of her wrist. She is now waiting for a Doctor to put another one in.

Ayesha really needs your thoughts and prayers now. Please send her some positive thoughts. You can leave any messages you have for her in the comments section on this blog post or you can send her a message on facebook by clicking here.

Get well soon Ayesha x


  1. Hi Ayesha, sorry to hear your back in hospital. I hope they have you feeling better soon and in time for BGT.

    Sending lots of love,

    Viks x

  2. Hi Ayesha

    I'm sorry to hear that you're in hospital again, am sending sparkly thoughts and hope that soon you feel much less sick

    Love & Sparkles


  3. Hi Ayesha, I am so sorry to hear that you're poorly in hospital, I hope that you are feeling better very soon so you can go and see BGT.

    Sending you big (((hugs)))

    Tracy x

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you are poorly sick! I do hope that things turn around quickly for you hun. Like me, you worry about your existing plans, can be such a bummer when the body decides to play up! Stay strong and I send u healing vibes...Lu xx

  5. Hey,

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish, hopefully by now you're slightly on the mend and will make it for BGT.

    When you're feeling better let me know.

    Danni xxx